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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: February 2019

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Notable Replies

  1. RyanInHolland

    1. Who should be the first guy to come in to spell Teske at the 5; not including Livers and the small ball lineup.

    2. Do the bigs get coached up and practice post moves on the block? Drop steps, up and under, etc? Thinking of Teske a dude with soft touch as is, you’d think he could add a little sky hook himself a la Simpson that would be truly difficult to defend especially on switches.

    3. Who’s the next head coach after JB?

    Thanks :pray: Love the work you do.

  2. kturnup

    Would you say at this point you are not really a “fan” of Michigan basketball and you have tried to become an impartial Big J Journalist as much as possible? Love your work, just curious as from my end it seems you’ve tried to take any emotion in the subject out of it.

  3. umhoops

    I wouldn’t try to say I take emotion out of it. I think I’m probably better at writing about the why and the facts behind what happens than some sort of flowery emotional prose. So maybe playing to my perceived strengths a bit.

    I guess the most emotional element of fandom is getting super upset over a loss, but if you write about Michigan hoops games for a decade there are a lot of losses and there are usually happier wins waiting on the other side. So I think it just stems from kind of keeping even-keeled over a 40-game season.

  4. gobluemd16

    I am not Dylan, but this question was super interesting to me @kturnup. I had been wondering about this to an extent, myself.

    I obviously haven’t been “covering” the team nearly as long as Dylan has, but I would say my basketball knowledge has increased a great deal in recent years (as I am sure is similar with Dylan over his time writing about the team). I found that as it has, and especially this year when I have been posting videos, doing some writing, etc. that I have become a lot less emotionally attached in the game-to-game.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still root for the team… but maybe when I was in school at Michigan or shortly after I would be quite upset after losses and have more emotional investment each night. I think it is probably because I didn’t understand the “how” and why" as much as I do now. Michigan opponents would get open layups, for example, and I would get mad, not totally knowing why, or I would place more blame after a loss on external forces, such as the referees.

    Once I better understood how X’s and O’s-type things were happening, I think you kind of view the game from a “okay, so what would the adjustments be moving forward?” or “why did that occur – who made a mistake there?”

    I guess it just makes you more rational if that makes sense, haha. And I think if you are producing content, too, you have to give a more “fact-based” take, which forces you to think and evaluate in that manner.

  5. umhoops

    It has been a concern really since the summer. This was one of my big takeaways from Spain: " SHOOTING AND SPACING IS A HUGE CONCERN"

    Michigan shot 37.7% from 3 in Nov/Dec and 31.9% from 3 in Jan/Feb. That’s basically the difference between looking unstoppable and having a few frustrating performances.

    Million dollar question is what percentage does Michigan shoot from 3 in March.

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