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Podcast: Making sense of Michigan and Michigan State with one week to go

The Moving Screen is a podcast collaboration with The Athletic’s Brendan Quinn. We’ll be tackling Michigan, Michigan State and Big Ten basketball at large with a blend of rational analysis and hot takes.

We recap a wild weekend of Big Ten hoops with Michigan State losing at Indiana and Michigan winning at Maryland.

Listen to “Making sense of Michigan and Michigan State with one week to go” on Spreaker.

(01:59) Michigan wins at Maryland
(24:31) What happened in Bloomington?


The podcast is available just about everywhere that you can listen to podcasts. If we are missing something important, let me know in the comments.

Notable Replies

  1. Champions

    Since no game until Saturday, I was hoping you will do an “ask me anything” segment.

    Given that we have found our back up center, will they start working Johns at the 4 the rest of the way (would make sense to me), or will they keep him at the 5 until the off season.

  2. AC1997


    During the podcast when discussing the unlikely ascent of Purdue to the top of the league standings you made a statement that Michigan’s conference schedule was easier than theirs. I was wondering what went into that thought. As I see it, the games that they didn’t play are as follows:

    – @ Purdue (tough game, possible loss)
    – Illinois (win)
    – @ OSU (probable win…especially now)
    – Iowa (win)
    – Rutgers (win)
    – @ Nebraska (maybe tough earlier in the year…maybe)

    – Michigan (tough game, possible loss)
    – @ Iowa (tough game, possible loss…as we know)
    – Wisconsin (tough game, probably win at home)
    – @ Illinois (ask MSU about this game…)
    – @ Rutgers (probable win, but road game)
    – Northwestern (easy win)

  3. umhoops

    Planning to record a pod tomorrow with a mailbag component if anyone has any Qs.

  4. adamsmit86

    Why is Minnesota the way that they are?

  5. MH20

    How dirty did it make you feel to root for Little Ricky? I myself am considering a shower before bed.

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