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Big Ten Tournament: Michigan vs. Iowa Open Thread

Michigan and Iowa have the late night tip in Chicago tonight. Join the discussion in the attached open thread.

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  1. Actualelguapo

    Z: 8 assists, 3-3 from the field, 0 turnovers. Someone came to play.

  2. jemblue

    7 minutes from extending a remarkable streak: Beilein is 11-0 in the opening game of the BTT.

  3. chezaroo

    I don’t care who Iowa draws in the first round. I’m on the other side.

  4. mgl

    I’ve been the biggest of Eli’s doubters, but he just played a massive shift in the first half when it still mattered. Simpson went to the bench with a two point lead, and I felt really uneasy.

    Some ugly offense ensued, but Brooks canned a three, then forced a jump ball, then dropped a dime, and forced another loose ball.

    The game swung and never swung back.

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