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Video: John Beilein, Michigan players react to Texas Tech loss

Here’s John Beilein, Ignas Brazdeikis, Charles Matthews and Jordan Poole in the locker room after Michigan’s loss to Texas Tech.

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  1. eric_shap

    My gut tells me Iggy and Jordan both test the NBA waters; Iggy goes pro and JP returns. Charles is obviously graduating and will turn pro.


    Beilein seemed annoyed when he said we will probably have some guys look at the NBA.

  3. Mgoblue_913

    After the season Mathews had towards the end of the season, I think there’s a chance he returns.

  4. kturnup

    nope nope nope (the extra nopes were because of the 10 character minimum)

  5. steve

    This ain’t happenin’. Charles Matthews is going to play basketball professionally somewhere in 2019.

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