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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: April 2019

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Notable Replies

  1. umhoops


    This team had offensive deficiencies but that was mostly because the players on the team just couldn’t shoot. His offense has always been designed around having shooters and the biggest adjustment will be to make sure that he doesn’t end up with a team full of non-shooters again. That is always a priority on the recruiting trail and something you’ll continue to see.

    Of course Michigan will continue to borrow actions and concepts from other offenses (both college and NBA) as this kind of thing happens all the time.

    I just think that the majority of the offensive limitations on this roster came down to personnel over scheme.

  2. umhoops

    I appreciate the kind words. Overall the last year and a half has gone very well for the site. We are at what I’d say is a good point in subscriber growth but probably another jump to get to the great point that I want to get to.

    I think the podcast was a success – hopefully you guys enjoyed it – and helped spread the word a bit and just increase engagement. Definitely hope to continue doing the pod.

  3. MichiganBasketball

    Yeah thanks so much for everything you do. I know sometimes that it can be a thankless job with all the expectations and tough work, especially once people start paying for it, but we really all do appreciate your work. The podcast was really a great addition this year, and also I really think it speaks volumes to the site’s prestige among people in the know that you have guys like Andrew Khan and Orion Sang now working at places like Mlive and the Free Press who used to work for you.

  4. kturnup

    People are so hung up on “changes to the offensive system” right now

  5. umhoops

    I suspect news about transfers, etc. will start to come out in the next week or so. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some non-NBA attrition on this roster but you have to wait and see. For now let’s save individually naming kids based on message board posts or discussing their potential transfer options until they are in the portal and official.

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