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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: April 2019

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Notable Replies

  1. CoryR

    If Poole leaves and Wagner comes what does Michigan do at the 2?

  2. buckets12

    If Poole and Iggy both leave, rank these players from most likely to start next year to least likely:

    Eli Brooks, Jalen Wilson, Brandon Johns, Cole Bajema, other player currently not committed to Michigan.

  3. DeAngeloVickers

    What odds would we give any staff attrition this spring/summer?

  4. umhoops

    There are so many other factors here other than those two players. For example, what does Ignas Brazdeikis do? It is also tough to gauge how ready Wagner would be to play at this level as he’s still young but obviously talented.

    The safest bet is probably Eli Brooks starting next to Simpson to start the year if Poole leaves, but this is also why Michigan is already tied to so many 2-guard prospects out there whether it is someone like Quinones or a graduate transfer.

  5. umhoops

    It is always tough to gauge what opportunities will be out there for guys but I can’t imagine that Luke Yaklich’s stock will be any higher than it is right now after coaching back-to-back top-3 defenses. Without Charles Matthews next year, is Michigan going to be any better on defense? Maybe but you are only as good of a coach as your personnel (obviously Teske/Simpson is a solid defensive core).

    Yaklich has been tremendous but I generally look at staff attrition as a good thing. If assistant coaches are getting head coaching jobs that means that they are progressing the program with new ideas and results. As we’ve learned, a good hire for a replacement can build on the foundation that has been established.

    I guess I never gave a percent, how about 40%?

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