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Ignas Brazdeikis declares for NBA Draft

Michigan freshman Ignas Brazdeikis has declared for the NBA Draft, as first reported by ESPN.

“As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be an NBA player — not just an NBA player, but an NBA All-Star,” Brazdeikis said. “My intent is to be drafted this year as high as I can be and start my journey.”

The 20-year-old Canadian, who will be represented by YouFirst Sports, is attempting to become the first one-and-done freshman in the John Beilein era.

“You know it’s funny, because I told everyone when I won the Big Ten Freshman of the Year Award, that I feel like I actually won that award back in August because I envisioned it happening,” Brazdeikis said. “I’m a very confident player. I believe if you set a goal, visualize it and put the work in, it will happen.

“I never really thought about the NBA this past year because I was so focused on being the best player I could be for Michigan. But now that the season is over, I’m excited to focus on the tremendous opportunity in front of me.”

Notable Replies

  1. eric_shap

    Think this is the right decision for Brazdeikis and I am not at all surprised he chose to declare with the intention of remaining in the draft.

  2. buckets12

    Wow. Heck of a year from him, I sure did enjoy watching him. I said when Iggy signed it was JB’s biggest commitment since McGary and I still believe that. I really hope for his sake he climbs up the draft boards a bit, I do think he will be one of the better Michigan pros in recent memory.

    “Not just an NBA player - but an NBA all star”…the most Iggy way to declare for the draft lol

  3. eric_shap

    Iggy going pro.

  4. adamsmit86

    Yikes. That’s interesting. Shows a little bit of a pattern there. I’m sure your experience and the publicized tweet aren’t the only times that Mr. Poole has been outspoken about Coach. Who knows what else is said behind closed doors.

  5. poppinfresh

    Thank you Iggy!!!

    Let’s go get Franz Wagner

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