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Ignas Brazdeikis declares for NBA Draft

Michigan freshman Ignas Brazdeikis has declared for the NBA Draft, as first reported by ESPN.

“As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be an NBA player — not just an NBA player, but an NBA All-Star,” Brazdeikis said. “My intent is to be drafted this year as high as I can be and start my journey.”

The 20-year-old Canadian, who will be represented by YouFirst Sports, is attempting to become the first one-and-done freshman in the John Beilein era.

“You know it’s funny, because I told everyone when I won the Big Ten Freshman of the Year Award, that I feel like I actually won that award back in August because I envisioned it happening,” Brazdeikis said. “I’m a very confident player. I believe if you set a goal, visualize it and put the work in, it will happen.

“I never really thought about the NBA this past year because I was so focused on being the best player I could be for Michigan. But now that the season is over, I’m excited to focus on the tremendous opportunity in front of me.”

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  1. stephenrjking

    The board has already provided several counter-examples to your “gone at the first whisper” assertion. You seem to be complaining for the sake of complaining.

  2. buckets12

    I think this year’s early entrants are an isolated incident that shouldn’t be lumped in with the past decade. Iggy has been a self-confident individual-focused slightly cocky player since before he got to Michigan and it’s not really a surprise that he is the first JB recruit to go one and done to me regardless of draft projection. Poole is another very complicated decision that clearly has basketball-specific and non-basketball motivations potentially driving it. These losses hurt badly because they would have been a consensus top 5 preseason team and now we could be looking at top 25 instead. But this level of attrition is rare even for Michigan.

    Had Moe left after his sophomore year, Trey after his freshman year, GRIII and McGary after their freshman years, Hardaway after his sophomore year…those are decisions I would compare to the ones being made by Iggy and Poole.

    In reality, Michigan got the appropriate amount of time out of most of these early entrants and had lined up the appropriate replacements. Teske after Wagner, Walton after Trey, Chatman after GRIII (yes he was a bust but he was a great recruit), Levert after Hardaway, even Livers after DJ Wilson. The only huge hole that’s been left after an early entry in my opinion was McGary, and that’s more due to misevaluations of Donnal and Doyle (and Horford transferring) than it was lack of preparation by the staff.

    It will be hard to replace Iggy and Poole, but he already landed Jalen Wilson to replace Matthews. There’s a very real shot they land Quinones (in addition to Bajema) to replace Poole. And there’s a very real shot they land Justin Pierce or Franz Wagner to replace Iggy.

  3. umbob1

    We will be better than we have been at the center position as I believe Castleton will become a real weapon and Teske will take another step. I also believe Livers will go from a really good player to an all bigten type player next year. I look at a team with 3 returning players who could be all bigten type players. This isn’t end of the world type of stuff. The team needs guys like Johns and DDJ to take a realistic but big step forward next year and then we can see who else is on the roster in the coming months. I would not sell next year’s team short. Great leaders, talent and they will be more aligned next year than they were this year. Everyone is fawning over MSU but didn’t they just have a season where a 150th ranked freshmen started, a former walk on started and players took a big step forward year over year. What MSU had was a cohesive team that played as a team. The talent wasn’t overwhelming. Michigan will be in a better spot next year than this year IMO.

  4. chazer

    I love the passion on the board. In retrospect, every top 100 kid thinks he’s going to the league and when that door opens they have to go. When your team wins 30 games in the NCAA, the coach has done his job and given most starters the best opportunity to show case their skills. IGGY fits that mold and JB helped support that goal. As far as stockpiling top 100 kids its tough going against BB only schools where students camp out to get tickets, UM might not be a top 5 destination for hoops, but they are a top 10! What more can you ask for than over 60 wins in two seasons…GO BLUE!


    I suppose how one evaluates a player is based on their experience with the game.

    I’ve see Cole in person. He is very skilled. Relative to guys I’ve seen play over the years, I would not place him in the plus (crazy) athlete category. That is not to say he isn’t a good athlete.

    Of UM vintage, I would throw him in the bowl with Levert, Stauskas and Poole in terms of skill/athleticism combo and shake it up. At least as they entered college.

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