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Jordan Poole to remain in NBA Draft

Michigan sophomore Jordan Poole announced that he will remain in the NBA Draft.

All signs had pointed toward Poole remaining in the NBA Draft — including the fact that he was selling “shout out” videos online — but now Poole made it official.

Poole averaged 12.8 points, 3 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game as a sophomore. He’s projected by most outlets as a second-round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. He joins Charles Matthews as the second Michigan player to officially stay in the 2019 NBA Draft.

Ignas Brazdeikis is the only Wolverine who is still testing the waters. Brazdeikis has until May 29th — 10 days after the NBA Draft combine — to make a decision whether to remain in the NBA Draft or return to Michigan.

Here’s an updated look at Michigan’s scholarship situation and here’s a breakdown of the top candidates to fill open scholarships on next year’s roster.

Notable Replies

  1. kturnup

    I remember at some point we all said if Poole leaves this year it probably means we went on a big run in the tournament… oh well.

    JP was my favorite player to watch this year but I will miss him and selfishly as a fan I wish we got to see that breakout. Go make $$$, JP.

  2. LeVertAlert

    We will always have the shot

    Wishing him the best as he begins his professional career

  3. Kenny

    i have zero ill feelings, Poole is a great kid and his decision is well justified. i will always root for him.

  4. umhoops

    A bit more too it, but I’m not sure Anthony Poole’s quotes are necessarily grounded in reality.

  5. Jeffrey_E_Schiller

    While I agree with Poole’s dad that X’s skill set and limitations lends itself to using him as the ball dominant player, he (Poole’s dad) is wrong in at least two material respects. First, Jordan was not an effective pick and roll player when we used him in that fashion–in the game at Wisconsin, for example, we handed him the keys to the offense (including the pick and roll aspect), and after a fast start (4-5 from the field), he was really bad (2-10 in the last 27 minutes, including 1-6 in the second half, taking terrible shots and grinding our offense to a halt). That wasn’t on X or Beilein–indeed, Beilein encouraged guys to get the ball to X when he was open in the corner, and X to shoot it–it was on Jordan.Second, the notion that Jordan’s effectiveness went down because he was getting double teamed is crazy–Jordan’s effectiveness went down because he took bad shots against his man, and because he didn’t take good advantage of the isolation opportunities he got in the offense, the same isolation opportunities he’s going to get he makes the League, since no NBA team is going to make Jordan its primary, or even secondary, pick and roll guy.

    Jordan can be a terrific player when he accepts his role and doesn’t force things. In his last AAU season, he was ball dominant with Mac Irvin Fire and he was terrible (27% from 3 over a 16 game AAU stretch). Thereafter, he went to La Lu, where he was a secondary guy, and was great. Hopefully, he (and his dad) ultimately recognize this and play accordingly. I wish him the best–he gave Michigan fans a lot of thrills, and a National championship game appearance while he was in Ann Arbor.

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