Cleveland Cavaliers hire John Beilein

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, John Beilein has agreed to a five-year contract to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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  1. Mattski

    Ain’t gonna lie. This kills. Michigan basketball has been a life support system for me for twelve years. I will probably need to see a shrink and rebuild my whole emotional world going forward. Don’t even know if I will be able to follow with any enthusiasm. Only half kidding.

  2. gobluemd16

    I am sorry, you gotta stop being so negative about this. This is a man who started his career at Newfane High School as the JV coach! He was offered an opportunity to coach at the highest level in basketball. He has proven time and again that he likes challenges and rebuilding programs as he has risen up the coaching ranks. He’s 66, there was no more time for waiting.

    Nothing Warde Manuel or anyone else said was going to alter his desires. Some combination of wanting to try his hand at coaching the best players in the world and being fed up with the NCAA game and those who create its negative stench are the reasons he left Michigan.

  3. EOG24

    This was predictable, but there should be some sort of rule that says if your team sucks you don’t get to bitch about a coach who focuses on film and fundamentals.

  4. gtfomycourt

    Watching these clips of Cleveland makes me want to join the Cavs: I am pretty tall, good at walking around, and can stand motionless with the best of them. JB might also appreciate the fact that I respect him. Direct message me JB. Maybe we can work something out.

  5. BP3

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