Cleveland Cavaliers hire John Beilein

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, John Beilein has agreed to a five-year contract to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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  1. GoBlueScrewOSU7

    There’s an alternate realty where we are 10-15 with Ed Cooley as head coach and we’re all on here discussing the odds of firing Cooley so Beilein can come back.

  2. adamsmit86

    Bullshit that is why they did it. They did it to be unprofessional assholes, which coincides with everything we have heard about that team this year. No wonder Beilein decided he had enough.

  3. JJ3

    “The worst part to me was not owning that he said it,” one player told The Athletic

    Says an anonymous player

  4. ReegsShannon

    Duncan Robinson, Tim Hardaway Jr or Caris Levert from the top rope.

  5. buckets12

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