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Jon Sanderson will remain at Michigan

Juwan Howard announced that Michigan strength and conditioning coach Jon Sanderson will remain on staff in Ann Arbor.

Sanderson has been credited as an integral part of Michigan’s player development program over the last decade. His summer “Camp Sanderson” workouts are a famous part of Michigan’s offseason program.

More news on Juwan Howard’s staff in Ann Arbor is expected over the coming days and weeks. Jeff Goodman reported that Howard Eisley was a candidate for an assistant coaching role at Michigan.

Howard will also have the option to retain members from last year’s staff including Luke Yaklich, Saddi Washington and Deandre Haynes.

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Notable Replies

  1. bobohle

    It’s getting off to a tremendous start so far.

  2. Mgoblue_913

    This is great, really glad to hear this, especially going into summer, he is the most important for upcoming players this time of the year.

  3. Pittsnogled

    What would everyone most like to see individual players gain from the offseason workouts?

    Is this just an optical illusion, or is Castleton’s upper-body strength at a level I never thought it would reach?

  4. poppinfresh

    Johns got some work to do lol

  5. DraeDay

    Excited to see what castleton and Johns do this season. Everyone is looking pretty cut up. Sanderson is a miracle worker

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