Report: Texas hiring Luke Yaklich

According to a report by Jon Rothstein, Luke Yaklich is headed to Texas.

Yaklich was at Michigan for the last two seasons and helped architect a defensive transformation. He served as Michigan’s defensive coordinator and the Wolverines finished the past two seasons ranked 2nd and 3rd nationally in adjusted defensive efficiency.

Yaklich was also the primary recruiter in the pursuit of four-star wing Jalen Wilson. Wilson was released from his letter of intent after John Beilein left to join the Cavaliers. He plans to visit North Carolina and Kansas but is still considering Michigan.

Yaklich, along with fellow assistant coach Saddi Washington, interviewed for Michigan’s open head coaching position before Warde Manuel hired Juwan Howard.

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Notable Replies

  1. Voltron_Blue

    It may be that Juwan ultimately didn’t choose to keep him.

  2. ReegsShannon

    Guess we’ll see. The reporting has been that Michigan offered at 500k. Texas offered at 350k.

  3. ReegsShannon

    Well, 1.8 million just got freed up in the basketball budget and the payout for the Big Ten TV Deal just skyrocketed again.


    There is always chatter about how basketball doesn’t have the big money boosters that football does. Well, there are a few big name guys that can help (and have helped in the past) in that area.

  5. YostsGhosts

    Would be interesting to see if Texas offered Yaklich a multi-year contract or just a 1yr deal. I believe Beilein’s assistants were working on continual 1yr deals; likely Michigan is keeping that offer for holdover coaches?

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