2019-20 Season

Video: Isaiah Livers, Jon Teske talk Juwan Howard

Isaiah Livers and Jon Teske were among the Michigan players to meet with the media after Juwan Howard’s introduction.

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  1. Pittsnogled

    As a general statement, I would have preferred to hear from Castleton, Johns, and DeJulius about their thoughts at this juncture rather than Livers and Teske.

    Since the latter two were the ones who spoke to the media, however, I appreciate you sharing this video.

  2. ChicaGoBlue

    I get why you would say that, but I love the Livers talk. He is a great interview.

  3. Pittsnogled

    No argument there. Big fan of Isaiah.

  4. BP3

    Isaiah is one of the better listens in college sports imo. He’s just an excellent speaker who is thoughtful and energetic.

  5. Pittsnogled

    Totally agree.

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