Four thoughts on Juwan Howard’s coaching staff

Saddi Washington is staying, Luke Yaklich is leaving, Phil Martelli is coming, and Howard Eisley isn’t far behind.

It has only been a couple of days since Juwan Howard was introduced as Michigan’s head coach, but his staff appears to be complete and should be announced shortly.

Here are our thoughts to the new staff, what they bring to the table and what comes next.

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1. Phil Martelli is a unique fit, but his hiring says a lot

If Juwan Howard wanted to add experience to his staff, he succeeded by hiring Phil Martelli. Martelli was Saint Joseph’s head coach from 1995 through 2019 when he was let go in March.

He knows everything there is to know about running a college program and should be more than capable of showing Howard the ropes. It is notable that Martelli is in a legitimate assistant coaching role rather than an off-court special assistant or advisor role. That means he’ll be an everyday assistant coach who participates in practice and hits the road recruiting.

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