Podcast: Breaking down the Big Ten after the NBA Draft withdrawal deadline

The Moving Screen is a podcast collaboration with The Athletic’s Brendan Quinn. We’ll be tackling Michigan, Michigan State and Big Ten basketball at large with a blend of rational analysis and hot takes.

After weeks of podcasts about John Beilein, Juwan Howard, Michigan, and Michigan State, we focus on the Big Ten now that rosters are mostly finalized after the NBA Draft withdrawal deadline. We analyze each team and decide whether they will finish higher or lower than their current projection on barttorvik.com.

Listen to “Breaking down the Big Ten after the NBA Draft withdrawal deadline” on Spreaker.

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The podcast is available just about everywhere that you can listen to podcasts. If we are missing something important, let me know in the comments.

Notable Replies

  1. BillG

    Bart Torvik has Michigan as #8 in the Big Ten.

    I can’t listen to the podcast right now so can somebody summarize where Dylan has us?

  2. MoeSWagner

    Quinn and Dylan both have us as 8th. Not very optimistic but can’t say I blame them. Would 8th in the B1G get this team to the tournament

  3. adamsmit86

    8th is pretty rough. I’m not sure that would get them in the tournament.

  4. MoeSWagner

    Yea it’s pretty depressing

  5. buckets12

    If there’s no additions this offseason I think 8th is actually optimistic…add Franz + a grad transfer and I think the ceiling rises dramatically

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