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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: June 2019

Every month, we host an ‘ask me anything’ thread on our message board for our members. Subscribers can ask questions about Michigan basketball, Juwan Howard, the Big Ten, recruiting, this website or anything else.

Any subscriber can submit a question, all you have to do is log in to the message board and submit it. I’ll be answering questions throughout the day starting around noon.

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Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    I’ll start answering questions around noon, maybe a little before. Go ahead and submit your questions now or throughout the day.

  2. jlust22

    Do you think it will be difficult for Juwan to sell his vision to 2020 recruits who plan to sign in the fall before Michigan can show them tangible on court results or is that overblown?

  3. jlust22

    Are you surprised Michigan hasn’t added any players to next year’s roster since Juwan and his staff took over? I think the anticipation was they would definitely add a couple of players and now we seem to be down to only Franz Wagner, no?

  4. Wpb

    Other than Faulds, does Michigan have a capable walk-on that can spell 3 minutes per game?

    Juwan might have to scout intramural teams on campus to make up for depth or see if Harbaugh can loan a football player that has good hoop game.

  5. MoeSWagner

    Odds on Wagner? Do you think they’ll be add anyone to roster for next year? If so who? Lastly with the roster as is what are you expectations for next year? Bubble team? Top 5 B1G? NIT?

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