Moving Screen: A pod on the state of Michigan basketball

The Moving Screen is a podcast collaboration with The Athletic’s Brendan Quinn. We’ll be tackling Michigan, Michigan State and Big Ten basketball at large with a blend of rational analysis and hot takes.

After discussing the Spartans in-depth last week, we dive into the state of Michigan basketball this week. The discussion includes style of play, tempo, Isaiah Livers, Franz Wagner and what works best around Zavier Simpson. We wrap up with our floor and ceiling projections for Michigan in 2019-20.
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Among the topics discussed:
(06:56) Style of play & tempo
(20:18) What are realistic expectations for Isaiah Livers?
(39:32) What does positionless mean to you?
(46:43) Ceiling & floor projections for Michigan in 2019-20


The podcast is available just about everywhere that you can listen to podcasts.

Notable Replies

  1. romeowolv

    great pod as always guys.

  2. bobohle

    Hey Dylan I here Josh Christopher is down to final 5 now. I assume M is being scheduled for a visit. Do you have anything official yet?

  3. nswan

    This has been out for a bit

  4. bobohle

    Thanks I remember seeing it now. M insider had an article dated yesterday and I thought there may have been something new. It was premium article so I couldn’t read it.

  5. umhoops

    Have not heard anything new on Christopher. He’s called Kentucky his dream school and he has family ties to Arizona State and Missouri. Michigan has made progress by all accounts, but still a tough sell. No announced visit yet that I’m aware of but obviously top five should be in a position to get an official visit.

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