Podcast: Reliving the Beilein Era: Our picks for best and worst games, memories and moments

The Moving Screen is a podcast collaboration with The Athletic’s Brendan Quinn. We’ll be tackling Michigan, Michigan State and Big Ten basketball at large with a blend of rational analysis and hot takes.

We look back at the John Beilein era one final time. We spent an hour and a half sharing our picks for best and worst wins, losses, moments, seasons and stories over the last decade of Michigan basketball. The conversation includes best road atmospheres, strangest environments, favorite buzzer-beaters, best game, worst loss and much more.

Listen to “Reliving the Beilein Era: Our picks for best and worst games, memories and moments” on Spreaker.


The podcast is available just about everywhere that you can listen to podcasts.

Notable Replies

  1. GoBlueScrewOSU7

    This was a blast to listen to and reminiscing about the best moments under Beilein.

  2. laddergoat

    Fantastic pod. Hard to remember everything that happened in Beilein’s tenure but this captured a lot of it. The whole conversation about that 2012 NCAA Tournament loss to Ohio is fascinating. While it was by far the worst NCAA Tourney loss of Beilein’s career it probably resulted in both Trey staying another year and LeVert ending up at Michigan. Probably a good loss in retrospect!

    I remembered a bunch of Michigan/Iowa overtime games under Beilein and sure enough Iowa ties Northwestern with 5 OT games in his era. So 40% of Beilein’s career overtime games at Michigan were against Iowa or Northwestern.

    Also, for those who remember the Savannah State game- great fan video on youtube of the two biggest moments:


  3. umhoops

    Everything about that video is perfect. The blurriness, the captions, the constant panning around. Awesome.

  4. quickdarshan

    Missed “Bambi on ice” for favorite Beilein phrases.

  5. Tom48160

    …and the spots on the floor names for Michigan players–and not necessarily basketball players (Barry Larkin). When teaching the mid-range game, will Coach B now talk about pulling up at the Vizquel?

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