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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: October 2019

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Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    Have not heard how Franz got hurt. I assume it was some kind of fall because that’s usually how wrist injuries happen.

    I would point out that “I saw something on Twitter” posted without the actual tweet implies that you probably don’t think the original tweeter is particularly reliable and probably already know what you are passing along sounds like a scene from a cheap re-make of Remember the Titans or something.

  2. umhoops

    Good question. We’ll find out tomorrow night. Will do our best to bring what we can. And then everyone can overreact to tiny nuggets of info together!

  3. umhoops

    I think people highly underrate X as a halfcourt creator. He was elite in that regard last year. Will be interesting to see how he is used this year and if he can be better in transition. I think he’ll improve his jumper too.

  4. umhoops

    He spells his name with a Z, but goes by X.

  5. PAX

    He felt down after a dunk. The post on Twitter is just bst!

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