2019-20 Season

Ups and downs of Howard’s debut offer glimpse of what’s to come

When Juwan Howard’s head hits the pillow Tuesday night, he will see every play that’s still nagging at his psyche, recounting the images as his team’s 30-point cushion steadily whittled to four. 

He will see a Michigan offense halted and a defense that suddenly couldn’t find stops. He will recount its fast pace morphing into carelessness. He might visualize the missed free throws that left the door ajar when it could have been slammed shut. He will relive the relief as his team hung on for a 79-71 win over Appalachian State, a first career victory that felt oddly hollow.

“I hope that I won’t play every play, every possession in my head as I’m trying to go to sleep, but I know I will,” Howard said after the game. “I will have some sleep disturbance because it shows that … you care. You care about this game, you care about what happens. You care about how you can improve and have that growth mindset.”

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Ups and downs of Howard’s debut offer glimpse of what’s to come
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