2019-20 Season

Three-guard lineup offers potential answer to rotational question

All it took was a dive into last year’s film for Juwan Howard to realize what he had in David DeJulius. A confident, assertive point guard, no doubt, capable of creating his own shot off the dribble and through pick-and-roll.

But the other side of DeJulius he saw when re-watching some Big Ten games from last year might have been far more instructive: visions of a savvy combo-guard, capable of switching on defense and slashing on offense. 

With Zavier Simpson set to return for a senior season, the upshot of that potential evolution was clear.

“David is smart enough to know when to adjust to know when to adapt when he’s out there with two other guards,” Howard said Thursday afternoon. “… I trust the fact that he can play on the ball and off the ball defensively. From an offensive standpoint, he’s really good using ball screens. He’s also really good at reading possessions, being an active cutter where there are opportunities to cut.”

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