2019-20 Season

Film Room: Breaking down the basics of Juwan Howard’s defense

Film Room is an X’s and O’s breakdown of Michigan basketball by Gibson Pyper. Pyper has diagrammed almost every offense in college and professional basketball at The Basketball Playbook and is an expert on the X’s and O’s of the game. He’s helping us break down the ins and outs of Juwan Howard’s NBA-inspired offense with videos, breakdowns, and analysis throughout the season. 

Today’s Film Room focuses on Michigan’s early-season defensive principles.

Michigan’s defense is in the midst of a transition. The Wolverines have a new head coach, but they are also replacing a renowned defensive assistant, introducing new concepts, and trying to bring new rotation players up to speed.

Given all of the moving pieces involved, it would be foolish to expect Michigan’s defense to hit the ground running. The Wolverines have had some ups and downs defensively early on, but have shown most of their primary concepts on film. Some of those are in line with what Michigan did last year, but others are a significant shift.

If you missed it, Piper broke down Michigan’s offense last week.

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