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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: November 2019

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Notable Replies

  1. adamsmit86

    Should we just fully resort to ignoring NCAA rules and just pay players to come to Michigan? If Kansas and Arizona haven’t been affected, Will Wade is still pulling in five star recruits for LSU and Wiseman is eligible for Memphis for the final few months of the season, the advantages seem to far outweigh the potential downfalls of cheating. [Note: this is tongue-in-cheek]

  2. umhoops

    Was not at Isaiah’s game (bit of a hike for a game in North Carolina :rofl:) so I can’t speak to what did or didn’t happen there. I don’t really see how it would impact his chances of going to Michigan or deciding to play overseas, though.

  3. umhoops

    I think how efficiently the offense seems to run. I didn’t really know what to expect, but Juwan (to my eye) seems to be implementing an offensive system that maximizes the roster (Simpson ball screens) but also generates open shots for other guys. Pretty clear that he knows his way around a whiteboard.

    It’s not that I didn’t expect him to be a good offensive coach, I just had no idea what to expect.

  4. umhoops

    Hmmmm. Maybe Derrick Walton just because I followed him for so long and the whole end of that season was insane with the plane crash, his breakout and everything else.

  5. gobluemd16

    Of course. But if Nik could do what Duncan is this season – hit threes at a high rate and play good team defense – he would still be in the league, regardless of draft position. 79.2% of Duncan’s shot attempts are from three so he isn’t doing much else on offense.

    Really, after he left the Kings and maybe his first year with the 76ers, that’s all teams wanted of Nik. Duncan’s size and understanding of team defensive concepts really sticks out, though – dude is super smart.

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