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Game 6: Michigan vs. North Carolina Open Thread

Michigan and North Carolina are set for a Thanksgiving tip (1:30 p.m., ESPN) in the Bahamas today. Read the game preview, sneak out of the family obligations and join the open thread below.

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  1. MichiganBasketball

    Family- ignored
    Lions- ignored
    November College Basketball in a hotel function space in another country- lets go!

  2. Tshea3

  3. gosieg

    I just want to say that we should give Beilein a shout out in this win for player development. I don’t think Brooks and DDJ needed a new coach – they just need another year.

    I love what Howard is doing though! That shot profile chart Dylan posted is phenomenal. The new offense somehow feels even better than the old offense.

  4. jivan

    I don’t know, but to be honest I’m very excited for Michigan to be ranked mostly because I hate going from top 25 scores to big ten on the espn app. My life would be easier if Michigan is top 25

  5. jemblue

    In retrospect, was it a slap in the face that a team coming off back to back 30-win seasons wasn’t ranked in the preseason? UNC returned one starter and got a top 10 ranking right off the bat.

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