2019-20 Season

Video: Roy Williams, UNC players talk loss to Michigan

Roy Williams, Cole Anthony and Brandon Robinson were on the podium to discuss Michigan’s 73-64 win over the Tar Heels.

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  1. Melandtoto

    Who was coach Roy throwing under the bus right at the top of that video?

  2. silverblue

    Did he? I though he took responsibility, said he had to coach better, and he said it several times. Maybe he threw himself under the bus. I’m pretty sure he was quite disappointed in the first nine minutes or so of that second half, really disappointed. My favorite line was, when asked why Armando didn’t play more, “I’m the coach and I get to decide who plays.”

  3. tarverine

    Roy is a lot of things, but he is absolutely not one to throw players under the bus. Not sure where that sentiment comes from.

  4. JBmoney

    I know Roy Williams knows more about basketball than I ever will but this is the 2nd year in a row where I am wondering just where he gets this label as a “great” coach.

    Strong recruiter sure(being at a blue blood helps) but his strategy seems to involve getting a 5 star guard, letting them chuck shots, have big athletes that may or may not be good at basketball crash the shit out of the boards and play really fast. Beyond that I’m not sure there is much strategy.

    As the video suggests, he is not a giant a-hole like other “great” coaches so that makes him passable but I guess the whole academic fraud thing can give some of those points back.

  5. tarverine

    I guess to me three championships in 15 years is all that needs to be said.

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