Podcast: Understanding Michigan’s loss to Oregon, and some listener mail

Oregon won in Ann Arbor on Saturday in one of the most entertaining games of the weekend. Brendan and Dylan sort out what Michigan’s home loss means and what to make of individual performances. On the back half of the podcast, the conversation dives into listener mailbag questions about Michigan, Michigan State and the Big Ten.

Listen to “Understanding Michigan's loss to Oregon, and some listener mail” on Spreaker.

(04:30) Michigan-Oregon Takeaways
(32:32) Listener mail

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Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    Ha. Did I say that?

    I don’t like this Purdue team, but it was in rough shape last year and look where they ended up.

    Also MSU shared the league at 16-4 last year and 3 of 4 losses were to non tourney teams.

  2. ChathaM

    …which is the direction OSU allowed him to go almost every time.

  3. Paul

    For some reason Google Podcasts is not showing this one.

  4. umhoops

    I think I finally got this fixed yesterday. Not sure why it didn’t work but got the feed to update manually on Google.

  5. Kevin6CD

    Showing up for me now, much appreciated.

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