2019-20 Season

Game 12: Presbyterian at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan will look to avoid any post-finals, pre-holiday hangover this afternoon at the Crisler Center. Tip off between the Wolverines and Blue Hose is scheduled for noon (BTN) at the Crisler Center.

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  1. umhoops

  2. ChipJonez

    During the pre-game interview on BTN, X could be seen in the background talking to one of the refs about the sidestep 3. It looked like a pretty involved conversation and X was literally demonstrating the move

  3. umhoops

    Yep. They were talking about it for a couple minutes and discussing the footwork. X was doing it differently and what looks like asking what was/wasn’t allowed.

  4. njosey

    Checking in as always from 207 row 40 seats 12 and 13…Let’s go blue! Get through this injury free and with a good offensive flow!

  5. njosey

    Livers comes up limping after the dunk attempt holding onto his left groin area. Will stay in for the fts

    Edit: Nunez in for him, promptly fouls lol. Livers is heading to the locker room

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