2019-20 Season

Game 12: Presbyterian at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan will look to avoid any post-finals, pre-holiday hangover this afternoon at the Crisler Center. Tip off between the Wolverines and Blue Hose is scheduled for noon (BTN) at the Crisler Center.

Notable Replies

  1. njosey

    Livers back on the bench no ice or heating packs

  2. njosey

    Looks like coming back to the bench he was moving ok…he was demonstrating a lay up to Franz and was balancing on one foot fwiw

  3. Mattski

    Simpson effort. Damn.

  4. BleedBlue

    Davis contributing this year is one of my favorite subplots. Very happy for the kid.

  5. Jarrett

    Takeaways of the day: Bajema > Nunez in every way and I hope the minutes start to reflect that. A. Davis is a legit minute/foul eater, and will be key in some b10 games vs those physical bigs, whether Sleep gets early fouls or just needs a breather. I’m thrilled to see Austin becoming a positive contributor because I, like many, had given up on him.

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