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Game 13: UMass Lowell at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan wraps up non-conferene play this afternoon at the Crisler Center. Tip is set for 2:00 p.m. on FS1, join the discussion in the open thread below.

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  1. Pittsnogled

    Tim Miles: Michigan was a bad call away from a national championship in 2013.

  2. adamsmit86

    I have always liked Tim Miles. Wish it would have worked out at Nebraska.

  3. rugbypike11

    It’s time for the funky Cole Bajema.

  4. adamsmit86

    I would have liked to see Bajema get some run with the regular rotation in a game like today. He shows some stuff just about every time he gets an opportunity. He has a smooth jumper, nice handles and even had a couple steals and a block today. I’m not advocating regular rotation minutes but in games where the opponent is outmatched, I wish they would find him more minutes. Eli didn’t need to still be playing with under 5 to go.

  5. silverblue

    Two steals, a block, or was it two blocks? A couple of buckets. Sadly he stepped OB on that three but it was a thing of beauty. And I thought he stayed in front of those little River Hawk guards pretty darn well for a 6’7 guy!

    I’ll not comment on that other guy whose name is so popular in this thread, but if we’re looking for a wing player, I think Bajema should be the “next man up,” but again, I’m not in practice and I don’t see or know what the coaches see. I DO trust them, though!

    Having said all this, though, some guys are getting some experience and will hopefully be able to hold their own when Isaiah gets back. Speaking of Isaiah, can anyone who was at the game comment on how he was walking, because, literally, he was NOT walking well eight days ago! He was walking kinda like me, and I’ve noticed I’ve started walking a lot like my dad lately! :grin:

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