2019-20 Season

Game 19: Illinois at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan and Illinois are set for a noon tip at the Crisler Center today (FS1). Read the game preview and join the discussion below.

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  1. umhoops

    Isaiah Livers is back in the starting lineup for Michigan today.

  2. umhoops

    For everyone saying that Michigan shouldn’t shoot as many threes (only 35% of attempts FWIW), what do you suggest they do with those looks?

    This team’s success is going to depend on guys like Eli, Franz, Isaiah making those shots.

  3. jemblue

    Teske seems to fall in love with the three when he’s tired (and then doesn’t get his legs under it)

  4. Blue19

    Go 0-5 in last 2 minutes with free throws. And we blame head coach. Classic

  5. buckets12

    This feels a lot like 2014-2015 to me.


    • Lost Stauskas, Robinson, McGary early. Recruiting was not able to keep up with those losses. (Hello Brazdeikis, Poole, Matthews)
    • Two returning big minutes guys (Walton/Irvin) expected to make the jump to all-conference level and didn’t (Hello Simpson/Teske)
    • Lose best NBA prospect midseason (Levert) (Hello Livers)
    • True freshman expected to make a major impact but looks anywhere from overwhelmed to solid at best most games (Chatman) (Hello Franz)
    • group of unproven underclassmen thrust into big roles that they aren’t ready for (Dawkins, Doyle, MAAR, Donnal) (Hello Johns, DDJ, Castleton)
    • undersized 5 that keeps getting playing time because the talent is so thin and the fan base loses their mind (Bielfeldt) (Hello, Austin Davis)
    • shiny object freshman that definitely isn’t ready but fan base proclaims “how could he be worse than what we have” (DJ Wilson) (Hello, Cole Bajema)

    That team limped to 8-10 in the Big Ten and 16-16 overall. Expecting a top 10 (or even top 25) team from this group, particularly with a first year coaching staff is unrealistic IMO.

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