2019-20 Season

Zavier Simpson suspended for Tuesday’s game at Nebraska

Michigan starting point guard Zavier Simpson is suspended for Tuesday’s game at Nebraska.

Simpson has been “suspended for violation of team policies and will miss the Wolverines game at Nebraska, Tuesday (Jan. 28) night,” according to a University of Michigan release.

“While we are disappointed with what has transpired with Zavier, we know there are always lessons to learn and grow from. We take these matters and consequences very seriously,” said Howard. “Moving forward, we will continue to handle this matter appropriately within our program and basketball family.”

Simpson is averaging 12.8 points, 8.3 assists and 4.3 rebounds per game for Michigan.  He’s playing an 37.1 minutes per game in Big Ten play, the second-most in the conference.

Juwan Howard has consistently referred to Simpson as his Tom Brady.

“I have one of the best point guards in college basketball. We have one of the best leaders in college basketball, one of the toughest competitors in college basketball,” Howard said earlier this season. A kid that has been counted out so many times, but he always figured it out, trusted himself, we trust him, his teammates follow his lead with his energy.

“We’re just happy that we have our Tom Brady playing for us.”

Simpson has never missed a game in his Michigan career, seeing the floor in all 135 games as a Michigan player,

Notable Replies

  1. kturnup

    I desperately want the team to win but not at all looking forward to the hot takes that would come from snapping the losing streak without X

  2. harmon98

    Props to Juwan for holding everyone in that locker room accountable regardless of the implications

  3. buckets12

    I’m so happy that there are humans on this planet that have gotten to grow up where it’s normal for Michigan to make the NCAA tournament

  4. ucntseemoi

    Can we not get into another DOT attack please? Dylan has warned about making personal attacks like this like a billion times.

  5. beanman

    Silverblue is everything that’s right with sports. Keeps a positive outlook and supports his team no matter what. Kudos, man - in a time when it’s all too easy to get lost in the latest clickbait, you remind me of what it was like to support a team unequivocally in a positive manner.

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