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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: January 2020

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Notable Replies

  1. Maceo

    One about recruitment: how does Michigan work the ‘international market’ or if they work it at all… We all know UM got Franz because of Mo, but international prospects rarely get talked about in Ann Arbor… And it doesnt look like will change anytime soon with Juwan…
    Also, do you know about how Beilein got Moritz Wagner? Thanks

  2. bluejayway

    If U-M’s season plays out disappointingly and they do not make the NCAA tournament, do you foresee any current, unsigned commits (outside of Isiah Todd, who may well not sign regardless) who could de-commit before signing? If they do so, would they be immediately eligible to commit elsewhere and play at a different school next season? Still a little confused on what responsibilities a player has behind his “commitment” to a team.

  3. GeneParmPrivateEye

    Offense had some success out of non-ball screen action against Nebraska (probably born out necessity). Do you think that’s something that might occur more if/when Simpson gets back? Or is Simpson too good out of ball screens to go away from that, even against teams that do a good job of limiting BS action?

  4. Bigplaybray

    Great stuff on the podcast. Two media related questions:

    1. Can you have a conversation with BQuinn without him mentioning Rocket Watts being “a dude”?
    2. From your POV, how would you describe the relationship this current administration has with the media vs. Beilein’s recent staffs? (openness, accessibility, etc.)

  5. DeAngeloVickers

    Why is Simpson suspended?

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