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Game 22: Ohio State at Michigan Open Thread

It is a stripe out at the Crisler Center tonight as Michigan hosts Ohio State in the first of two home rivalry games this week. Read the game preview and join the discussion below.

Notable Replies

  1. CoryR

    Oh shit, if this is now a football game we are screwed.

  2. therealmirman

    Z got fouled holy crap how is that not a foul

  3. adamsmit86

    Again Michigan bumped out of bounds

  4. CoryR

    Coming in we all knew it was going to be the 3 point shooting of Zavier Simpson and the rebounding of Franz Wagner that was going to keep Michigan in this thing.

  5. BluCity8

    Juwan got the team enough open shots to win. Did he go 2/11 on WIDE OPEN 3s? Did he make Franz and Teske miss 4-6 layups? Did he make Brooks and X step out of bounds on easy blow bys?

    There is no talent on this team and the players worth a damn have glaring deficits like X being short and can’t shoot or Teske being softer than Charmin.

    Anyone still blaming Juwan isn’t watching.

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