2019-20 Season

Video: Tom Izzo talks loss at Michigan

Tom Izzo after a loss at Michigan on Saturday afternoon.

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Notable Replies

  1. ChipJonez

    Video not showing up for me (on my phone), just FYI

  2. ChipJonez

    There now, Thanks! Go Blue

  3. bacon141

    Video: Tom Izzo Shits His Pants

  4. mgl

    Did he seriously chalk it up in part to “we’re different without Josh Langford”

    Langford hasn’t played since the midterm elections.

  5. beanman

    It really smells of Izzo setting up the Langford excuse as a reason the team didn’t meet preseason expectations (if they flame out of the big ten race and tourney).

    And to some degree I get it, but he wasn’t around last year either.

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