2019-20 Season

Video: Tom Izzo talks loss at Michigan

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  1. bacon141

    Video: Tom Izzo Shits His Pants

  2. beanman

    It really smells of Izzo setting up the Langford excuse as a reason the team didn’t meet preseason expectations (if they flame out of the big ten race and tourney).

    And to some degree I get it, but he wasn’t around last year either.

  3. BigBoutros

    Tom Izzo can smell my ass

  4. ChathaM

    How does a clearly worded question about the difference in Michigan with and without Livers immediately spark a “Well, we don’t have Langford” response from Izzo? smh.

  5. gobluemd16

    Izzo spent like 2-3 minutes complaining about turnovers and MSU had their best TO% in a conference game, by a lot (9.9%, next best 14.2%).

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