Podcast: On John Beilein exiting, Michigan rising, and Michigan State falling

Brendan and Dylan react to reports that John Beilein could be leaving the Cavs, Michigan’s recent surge and Michigan State’s slide.

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(04:03) John Beilein exiting
(23:22) Michigan rising
(46:39) Michigan State falling

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Notable Replies

  1. hack

    BQ should know after this season – if Izzo doesn’t have senior role players, you don’t expect a deep run. He keeps talking about this season like it’s some sort of mystery to solve. It’s not. Izzo wins when he has guys like Goins and McQuaid to go with the Wintstons and Tillmans. He doesn’t win when he’s reliant on freshmen or those unbalanced-skillset guys he always has a surplus of.

  2. bobohle

    Congrats to Franz as B1G freshman of the week for 2nd time in 3 wks.

  3. kturnup

    KenPom always changing his rankings smh

  4. Voltron_Blue

    Yeah…who does Ken think he is anyway?! And don’t get me started on this new guy, Net.

  5. umhoops

    The point is just that a 3-3 finish would be very good. A 4-2 finish would be pretty spectacular.

    It isn’t that 5-1 or 6-0 is technically impossible, it just isn’t how you should go about thinking about this final 6 game stretch IMO.

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