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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: February 2020

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Notable Replies

  1. gobluefan22233

    if you had to put a percent on Josh Christopher coming to Michigan, what would it be?

  2. bluejayway

    3-for-1 special:

    1. Who do you feel may be the “surprise” team of the BTT, if any? (stringing together at least two wins as a lower seed)?

    2. How many B1G teams do you think make the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament?

    3. Has there been any official word if Banker’s Life stadium will finally serve beer at the BTT? Last year was the first time I’ve seen it at the United Center during the BTT.

  3. wooverine

    Do you wish we still had John Beilein?

  4. wooverine

    Head-for-head choice, right now. Howard or Beilein?

  5. ReegsShannon

    What are the biggest factors that have resulted in the defensive turnaround? From your earlier article, paint defense was the biggest difference.

    Is that just because of better one-on-one defense from Teske? Better perimeter defense to limit drives? A change in scheme?

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