2019-20 Season

Game 28: Wisconsin at Michigan Open Thread

Michigan and Wisconsin tip at 7:00 p.m. tonight (ESPN) in a battle of two of the Big Ten’s hottest teams. Join the discussion in the open thread below.

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  1. haniffe4

    Eli brooks appreciation thread

  2. kturnup

    We can’t really be missing any players because we don’t have enough versatile pieces. One person being out throws everyone into spots they are not optimized in

  3. umhoops

    Probably the most concerning development in the first half: Isaiah Livers does not particularly healthy.

  4. Superfan16

    I will say though, I don’t think this game is super indicative of the future of this team. Eli would have made such a huge difference against Trice tonight. If he comes back next game I really think this team is just fine going into March.

  5. BluCity8

    One last thing: Crisler’s atmosphere needs an upgrade. Just putrid tonight. Get the younger crowd closer to the court and kick the blue hairs back up the bowl. It’s sad.

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