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2020 Big Ten Tournament bracket finalized; Michigan to face Rutgers on Thursday

Michigan will open the 2020 Big Ten Tournament on Thursday afternoon (12:00 p.m.) against Rutgers in the 8-9 game on Big Ten Network.

The Wolverines earned the No. 9 seed in the conference tournament and the winner of their opening game will advance to face Wisconsin on Friday afternoon.

Here’s the finalized 2020 Big Ten Tournament bracket.


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  1. Wayman_Britt

    I sure hope Coach Howard and Martelli can get this team playing some team defense, otherwise they won’t stay long in either the Big Ten and NCAA tourney. It’s not a talent issue, it’s playing as a team.

  2. DetUMICH

    Not sure where this fits in the discussion, but stepping back a bit to measure the season on a whole, i remembered Torvik had the “Elite SOS” metric that measures the percentage of games an elite team would expect to lose against a given teams schedule (and we had the highest back in january when he first added that stat) so i checked that again and sure enough we check in at the highest, with 35.9%. That translates to expecting to lose about 11 of our 31 games and we wound up at 12. One data point but shows to me how tough a slog it was and that we held our own even with some inherent limitations of depth, talent, and some injuries…going to be an interesting couple of weeks for sure…

  3. adamsmit86

    Somehow I always end up being out of the office for an “extended” lunch hour during the BTT

  4. silverblue

    I’m skipping my 50th Anniversary to watch! No, wait, my anniversary is Friday! Phew! Oh, no! If we beat Rutgers we’ll be playing at noon on Friday and I’m supposed to be having lunch at Bonobo’s Winery then and they don’t have TV’s! Oh well, I guess it’ll be divorce court first thing next week! :wink: :rofl:

  5. bluejayway

    Thanks much! We’ll try to get a UMHoopsters’ gathering perhaps next year in Chicago. With U-M being the 1 seed, of course.

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