2019-20 Season

Podcast: 90 minutes of postseason awards and Big Ten Tournament preview

Dylan and Brendan debate their picks for All-Big Ten honors and spend some time previewing this week’s Big Ten Tournament in Indianapolis.

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(06:09) Big Ten Awards
(01:08:21) Big Ten Tournament Preview

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(04:47) Michigan State (Xavier Tillman, Ohio State preview)
(36:07) Michigan (Nebraska recap, Maryland preview)

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Notable Replies

  1. Actualelguapo

    Someday, I am going to collect all the unreleased, garbled versions of the Moving Screen and release them in a series of bootlegged recordings and make millions and millions and millions.

  2. umhoops

    LOL. It is working now, right?

  3. harmon98

    Lol Quinn pitching Izzo as coach of the year. Preseason #1 team with returning POY finishes in a three way tie with 6 league losses. Should have won the league with a 2 game cushion. Gard’s the obvious choice here.

  4. mvansambeck2441s1m

    I like Quinn but he gets carried away a bit by the Izzo fandom. Sure he coached the preseason number 1 team to 14 wins in conference but isn’t that under preforming expectations? They aren’t a 1 seed and that’s what was suppose to happen.

    Rutgers looked like god awful last year and this year they are safely in the tournament. Gard won like 9 in a row or something like that, pat chambers is getting a 4 seed after being a bottom dweller, Holtmann bounced back hard after loosing dj, heck juwan wasn’t even suppose to make the tournament let alone a 6 seed. If livers stays healthy who knows what happens. Those are all better coaching jobs than what Izzo has done compares to expectations

  5. MichiganBasketball

    Isn’t that a bit unfair though to just base your opinion off so-called “pre-season expectations”? I get it for an NBA coach without control over player personnel, but in college, Izzo is the one recruiting guys like Winston and Tillman, developing them into elite talent, and finding a way to use Rocket Watts and Aaron Henry and others (Who he also recruited) as key role players after losing Mc I’m not trying to say this team is one of Izzo’s best coaching jobs, because I don’t think it is, but my whole point is that to say he hasn’t met expectations doesn’t look at the complete picture of a college coach’s job.

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