Podcast: Even in quarantine, the pod must go on

Brendan and Dylan react to recent news and break down some roster decisions that have to be made for both Michigan and Michigan State.

Among the topics discussed:
– Xavier Tillman’s NBA Draft decision
– Michigan State’s pursuit of a point guard
– Joshua Langford’s potential fifth year
Isaiah Livers and Franz Wagner’s NBA Draft stock
– Michigan’s roster situation

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(04:42) Michigan State
(42:32) Michigan
The podcast is available just about everywhere that you can listen to podcasts.

Notable Replies

  1. bounce

    I skipped over the MSU sections. Did Quinn award the national championship to Michigan State?

  2. umhoops

    It continues to amaze me that people are convinced that Brendan is both an MSU homer and a Michigan homer. Incredible.

    He is a St. Joe’s homer, though.

  3. MattR11

    I always listen to it all. It just made me think of the poster on Michigan’s 247 board link your pod, and state that “even though they are BOTH MSU Homers they both seem to know their stuff”

    It made me laugh and encouraged him to look up your guys’ backgrounds. Yours especially!

    I think it is great that you keep it professional even though you run a fan blog. A true journalist.

  4. adamsmit86

    What? How? Why?

  5. Tom48160

    Quarantine fever takes many forms. Let’s support each other during these confusing times.

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