Podcast: How did Michigan miss on Josh Christopher and what comes next?

Joshua Christopher shocked everyone by picking Arizona State over Michigan on Monday night. Brendan and Dylan recap what happened and then dive into what it means for Michigan’s roster and recruiting moving forward.

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Notable Replies

  1. steve

    Looks like you recorded this pod about 3-4 hours too early, Dylan…

  2. JJ3

    Quinn on Wagner playing the two next season was vintage: “But it’s not like he’s going against NBA twos in the Big Ten; who gives a shit” case closed! Fwiw I agree

  3. ReegsShannon

    He got roasted by WISCONSIN 2s

  4. hack

    I missed the Wisconsin game, but rather than thinking of him guarding the 2, is it worth thinking of him guarding the ball-dominant player? I’m working with an awfully small sample size here, but Wagner Tayshaun Prince’d Winston down the stretch, using his length as a weapon. I don’t know that you can ask him to do it 25 minutes a game because he did it once for about five or six possessions, but that’s quite possibly an easier ask than chasing a quicker guard around screens?

  5. kturnup

    I do think Wagner at the 2 becomes something that has to be done at least a bit. If Johns is our 4th best player it has to be done just so we can get our best guys on the floor, and giving Terrence Williams some PT since I think he’ll be better than many of our other reserves.

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