Quarantine Mailbag Podcast: G League, transfers, 5-stars, Big Ten & more

Brendan and Dylan answer listener questions for 90 minutes of mailbag discussion.

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The conversation includes:
– Coronavirus Impact
– G League Contracts
– U-M Recruiting Strategy
– Karim Mane
– NCAA Transfer Rules
– Roster Outlook
– Will the Big Ten be any good next year?

The podcast is available just about everywhere that you can listen to podcasts.

Notable Replies

  1. JJ3

    Question regarding Juwan Howard going to NBA. You answered in Pod but did not factor in coaching his sons. Do you think it’s likely he’d want to coach his kids the next 4-6 years?

    Excellent pod btw. I’ll give ya a 5* review

  2. umhoops

    Definitely could be a factor. Probably should have mentioned that.

  3. dirk

    I haven’t listened to Pod, but do you discuss WHY G League is investing in these guys? It makes sense for individual teams to invest in players they have under contract, but the incentive to spend real money on undrafted, not-under-contract player is less clear to me (I’m sure this is heavily subsidized by shoe interests, but for sake of the discussion, I assume this is some significant money from G league and NBA ( eg, I assume NBA will provide coach as well as some portion of salaries and other team expenses). Why do they want to do do this? How is this better for NBA than just letting UK Duke and LSU handle things. Would appreciate your thoughts.

  4. umhoops

    We touched on it a bit but I think there are a few items at play: 1) They don’t want them going to Australia where they have no control, have to spend resources to scout internationally, etc. 2) This could allow them to avoid getting rid of one-and-done 3) There could be some marketing benefit, etc. down the road. 4) If these players are getting a half mil to play in college, they run the risk of not even playing for a year (Wiseman, for example) and that doesn’t really help in evaluation either.

    Big picture, if the NBA doesn’t provide a sustainable pro option… someone else will. From a biz POV, I think it is always better to have that control

  5. bobohle

    FWIW Landers Nolley did transfer/commit to Memphis today. 2021 Pierre Brooks announcing commitment on Wed between UofM,Sparty and Xavier.

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