Podcast: Breaking down all the Big Ten’s NBA Draft decisions

The NBA Draft Early Entry list is complete and 14 Big Ten players declared for the draft. Dylan and Brendan break down the list and discuss whether each player should stay in the draft or return to school, where they might be picked and the impact that their decision will have on next year’s Big Ten season.

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Notable Replies

  1. adamsmit86

    No surprise, here is Izzo trying to convince his player to return to school even though he is a projected draft pick who has graduated and has two kids to support.

    Couch: What do you think of Tillman as an NBA player?
    Izzo: What some people have told me is it would really help him to really improve that shot, which I think he will. I mean it’s not broken, he just needs reps. And then improve his lateral quickness, which I think he can. Find the right weight — maybe it’s 240, 245 — be able to stay there in the best shape and be able to switch positions (between power forward and center). For his long-range (prospects), I think he is better staying another year (at MSU), because I don’t think there’s enough definitive answers yet. Now if that changes …
    I think this is a tough year for a guy that’s a bubble guy to come out because of the pandemic. He doesn’t get to go to (the NBA draft combine in) Chicago and wow them with things. He’s wowed them with his personality. Everybody will know that he’s a worker and he’s going to get better and he’s a grinder and a great student. All those things are going to be so good, and still in the end they want to know you can play. I think he’s still got some improving to do. I say that, but they’ll take kids who aren’t as ready as him. … I see Xavier making it, because I see Xavier a lot like Draymond (Green).

    Color me SHOCKED. Has Izzo ever encouraged a player to leave early?

  2. kturnup

    Dear god what a loser. Has Cal ever said that about a first round pick? JB? Juwan? Anybody???

    All he needs is reps to improve his shot huh? I wonder where he can get the most reps? Maybe a place that has made pretty much every big a decent shooter eventually. College or the NBA?

    Calling Tillman a fringe guy is wild to me. isaiah Livers is a freaking fringe guy. Xavier Tillman is not.

    The audacity, selfishness, and ignorance someone has to have to say something like that confounds me

  3. hack

    There are coaches that take the high road and there’s no question about it that that’s what they are doing, and then there are coaches who are just so damn good at being seen as coaches who take the high road even if they’re not.

  4. MTung

    The Bi-Polar Angry Dwarf Never ceases to amaze us. Try explaining this to Tillman’s 2 young children and their mother: “Daddy can wait to become a millionaire during a pandemic until next year so I have a better chance of winning another B1G Championship.” Shameless.

  5. Jeffrey_E_Schiller

    He’s such a freaking hypocrite. It’s better for the kids themselves to sit out a year…unless, of course, Bryn Forbes is transferring in and we need a guard, amirite, Tom?

    I’ll give him this–he says crap like this, and like the Tilllman “evaluations” he’s heard about (the four leading mocks I’ve see have Tillman 18, 25, 29 and 48, which equates to 3 first round grades), and he gets folks to print it or report it without challenging him. Says something about something…

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