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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: April 2020

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Notable Replies

  1. AC1997

    With the roster movement recently we are all now staring at Franz Wagner hoping he makes a “Stauskas-like leap” next season to take on a bigger creation role. What is your outlook on that happening given his performance last season, particularly with assist rate.

    (In other words, I’m optimistic he will improve his shooting and efficiency but I’m not sure he can take on a facilitator role or how much his usage can go up.)

  2. bacon141

    What is your expected makeup of the 2021 class - how many guards, wings, posts etc

  3. AC1997

    Who plays more minutes next season…

    • Nunez or Bajema?
    • Dickenson or Davis?
    • Nunez or Williams?

  4. AC1997

    Assuming Livers returns and there is no new transfer joining the rotation…

    What’s your starting lineup on game #1?
    What’s your starting lineup for the Big Ten Tournament?

  5. 5outhoops

    1. Is there such a thing as a good college basketball referee? If so, who is he?
    2. Who are your favorite PBP/Color/Studio guys?
    3. Excepting Brendan, who are your go-to writers for college basketball?

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