2020-21 Season

NCAA sets deadline to withdraw from NBA Draft

With news that the NBA season is set to resume in Orlando, the NCAA announced that it set a deadline for players testing the waters to withdraw from the NBA Draft.

Men’s basketball student-athletes will have until 10 days after the NBA draft combine or Aug. 3, whichever comes first, to withdraw from the postponed 2020 NBA draft and retain their eligibility.

Due to the uncertainty of the NBA’s pre-draft process brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Division I Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee decided Aug. 3 allows a reasonable amount of time for all men’s basketball student-athletes to make a choice about starting a professional career.

This option provides student-athletes up to two months beyond the original withdrawal date of June 3 to decide.

The NBA Draft is set for October 15th with the NBA Draft Lottery scheduled for August 25th. An NBA Draft Combine date has not been set, but it would be expected to follow shortly after the NBA Draft Lottery. That means that August 3rd is the likely withdrawal date for all prospects currently testing the waters.

The NCAA statement says this date was set as “the most equitable alternative available in these unprecedented circumstances.”

“This provides the utmost flexibility to student-athletes testing the waters to make the most informed decision about their future during this uncertain time,” NCAA Senior Vice President for Basketball Dan Gavitt said. “And by deciding before classes start for the fall semester, it also encourages student-athletes who choose to return to school to be fully engaged in their academic pursuits and the tremendous experience and opportunity to play college basketball.”

Michigan is awaiting a decision from Isaiah Livers, who declared for the NBA Draft on March 30th. Livers is not projected in many mock drafts and has had his workout opportunities limited by the coronavirus outbreak. Transfer commitment Nojel Eastern is also currently in the NBA Draft and would have to withdraw to join Michigan’s roster in 2020-21.

Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    Seems unlikely that Livers or anyone else on the fence will get any in-person workouts to me given the schedule.

    NBA teams will be in Orlando quarantining to get ready for the season that starts on July 31st… Withdrawal deadline is a few days after that.

  2. AC1997

    I guess the NFL doesn’t let you do the combine and withdraw your name…but sucks for the kids that they can’t go very far in the process before making a decision. Any idea when the NBA would select the invites to the combine? Or how many get invited? That might be an indicator of whether a player would think they’re draftable.

    I still believe that “draft-and-follow” like the NHL is the best system and there’s no reason why the NBA couldn’t make it work. I believe that more than ever if they’re going to pump money into the G-league and sign high school kids. Put everyone in the draft, then the team and player can work together to decide whether NCAA or NBA/GL makes sense for them.

  3. 93grad

    Interesting timeline that you would think would favor Livers coming back, but who knows. He may get convinced to take a leap of faith and enter the draft even without a guarantee. It’s certainly happened before.


    Wouldn’t the combine end up being after July 31?

    Or is there a chance it happens in the time span before then while teams are preparing for the end of season and playoffs?

    Could you be invited to the combine, then August 3 happens - so you basically have to just decide?

  5. umhoops

    Traditionally yes, it would be after the NBA Draft Lottery. Wrote that in the post.

    The NBA could hypothetically set it for another date if they wanted.

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