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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: July 23rd, 2020

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Notable Replies

  1. swish109

    Recruit in 2021 you feel better about our chances with than most?

  2. DeAngeloVickers

    Dylan’s real answer: “Whoever drops the biggest bag”

  3. gobluemd16

    The #1 reason is that he has become a better (and more confident) shooter.

    I am really interested in Duncan’s story so I always listen to him on podcasts, etc. He has said the one thing that stood out about Miami’s pitch when he was deciding where to sign as an undrafted FA is that they were the only team to focus on his shooting – that is, other teams thought his shooting was already more than sufficient and those teams would help him work on other parts of his game. Erik Spoelstra, the only head coach to contact him directly, told him they wanted to help him become an even better shooter than he already was. That stood out to Duncan.

    Miami actually run sets specifically for him and did so when he was in the G-League. That has helped a lot with his confidence, and it obviously helps that he’s had success, as well.

    @umhoops mentioned it, but some of the shots he is taking are absurd – Beilein used to say they’d get mad when he didn’t shoot and Miami has benched him for not doing so, on much more difficult attempts.

    The shooting plus #HeatCulture – he is in ridiculous shape and they’ve worked a lot on his lateral quickness have helped him succeed.

    Sorry for interjecting here, haha.

  4. LeVertAlert

    “Dylan’s reply was the fourth worst comment in the history of sports message boards.” - Bill Walton

  5. Tom48160

    Well…the coach could decide to jump to the NBA.

    Sorry, had to. It was there. I’ll see myself out. :walking_man:

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