Podcast: Breaking down Michigan and Michigan State’s point guards of the future

Michigan and Michigan State both landed their point guards of the future this month when Frankie Collins picked Michigan and Jaden Akins picked Michigan State. Brendan and Dylan discuss both commitments and the overall future of the point guard position at both schools.

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(3:42): Frankie Collins & Michigan Point Guards
(27:44): Jaden Akins & Michigan State Point Guards

Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    I think that it is always safe to assume that a guy who tests the waters in Year X will be gone after Year X+1.

    I also think that decisions about going pro or not often have more variables than where a player would be drafted.

  2. Jeffrey_E_Schiller

    In the podcast, you and Brendan were trumpeting MSU’s lack of transfers, which is certainly admirable, but then when you were trying to fit MSU’s pieces and potential re-classifications into a sufficient number to meet scholarship limits, Brendan opined that maybe 2 or more of this year’s junior class (other than Henry, who would make 3) might well not be on the roster in '21-'22. I don’t remember any Izzo kids transferring after 3 years on the roster, I know that there weren’t any Beilein kids who did so, and it’s quite uncommon throughout college basketball–normally, if you haven’t played as much as you’d like and want to transfer, it comes after 2 years, where there are multiple eligibility years remaining, or you have a degree. So how is MSU going to make those guys disappear? Are they going to go away from the family atmosphere you and Brendan discussed and force kids out? Will some of those kids graduate in 3 years? Will one or more of Bingham, Kither, Brown and/or Lower suddenly go from bottom of the rotation player to early NBA entry?

  3. umhoops

    As I think I said on the pod… it I was going to be a senior on next year’s team I would be loading up on credits in the summer.

    Also there’s the possibility of a blanket transfer waiver next offseason.

    I’m not sure I think it is admirable that MSU hasn’t had transfers. Just a unique stat.

    As I always say here about “over recruiting” … it always works itself out.

  4. mgl

    My personal take is that anyone who thinks that Watts doesn’t have it in him to be an NBA player is gonna be shocked this year if we play a season.

  5. AC1997

    Both Michigan and MSU are going to be fascinating to watch this year if there is a season. I’m particularly interested in the MSU storylines, which are mentioned on this particular pod:

    • Both Dylan and Brenden have already written Langford in as the starting SG…even though he’s missed the last two seasons with an injury.
    • The public opinion on Watts is all over the map and he’s perhaps the most critical barometer of MSU’s ceiling. Some think he’s going to play his way into an early-NBA departure. Others think he’s an inefficient combo guard who will be asked to replace Winston as a pure PG.
    • There are so many talented but unproven guys on the MSU roster that are impossible to predict since they have either few or mixed on-court highlights (Brown, Bingham, Hall, Loyer, Marble)
    • They brought in two 4-star recruits at positions of need that are almost forgotten about because of the recruits coming in the following classes
    • Aaron Henry is a very good player…but will he ever be more than a valuable role player and achieve the NBA potential he may have?
    • What does their rotation at guard and center look like?
    • Everyone seems to love Hauser and think he’s going to be one of the pillars of their offense…but he didn’t even score double figures when he was at Marquette two years ago.

    Then there’s the underlying storyline of their roster capacity after the season and whether Izzo pushes guys out the door - something that goes against Izzo’s past approach completely.

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