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Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    • Legitimately in the Mix: Ingram
    • Maybe in the mix: Keels, Houstan, Sallis
    • Not really in the mix: Holmgren, Baldwin, Hardy
    • No Chance: Davison
    • G-League: Foster

  2. umhoops

    I’ve watched a ton of NBA over the last month. Being on all day really helps :rofl:

    I love watching the Heat play. Seeing Duncan succeed is fun, but I really like how they play and Bam Adebayo’s a fascinating player for me given how much playmaking he does for them as a center.

    I always joke that I watch the NBA in October and then in the playoffs, that’s especially true this year. The quality of play overall has been really really strong though. I love college hoops, but it is really jaw dropping to see the elevation in quality at the next level.

  3. AC1997

    I am both an Oxford comma guy and a two-space guy. Always have been and probably won’t be able to retrain myself when I type at this point in my life.

  4. umhoops

    My larger point is just that I’m pretty sure Michigan fans online are more into Brandon Johns at center than Michigan’s coaching staff.

    Maybe that changes in time, I certainly hope so.

  5. kturnup

    There’s 50 spaces between all of the words in this sentence

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