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Notable Replies

  1. RyanInHolland

    Assuming Juwan Howard is the head coach at the University of Michigan through 2025:

    What is your guess/expectation for how many regular season B1G titles, Michigan wins in that time period?

  2. DeAngeloVickers

    In bizarroworld where Juwan is offered and accepts the Sixers job, who does Warde call first?

  3. adamsmit86

    O/U 1.5: How many five stars does Michigan land to finish out the class? (Reid, Bediako, Holmgren, Ingram, Sallis, Keels, Hardy, Davison, Houstan, etc.)

  4. AC1997

    Of the “best available recruit” candidates who are not centers, can you rank them in terms of odds that they end up at Michigan?
    (Ingram, Sallis, Keels, Hardy, Davison, etc.)

  5. AC1997

    Any speculation you’re willing to offer regarding why Michigan has not started the waiver process for Brown yet?

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