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Notable Replies

  1. dreem

    What do you think we will learn about Juwan Howard this year? There are some pretty obvious questions like what does his offense look like without Simpson and how he handles having just Davis and Dickinson as true centers, but are there any more subtle things you’re looking for? Like how tight is his rotation with a team he knows a little better, is he willing to throw freshman out there in a style Beilein seemed to avoid more, does his development of bigs (something talked about a lot from when he was in Miami) look even better than last year, or anything else?

  2. AC1997

    Set the over-under for how many non conference games we play.

  3. AC1997

    Based on what you’ve heard from inside the program, media availability, or rumors… Has anything about your previous expectations for the rotation (starters, minutes, roles, etc) changed at all?

  4. AC1997

    If we are talking in the spring and someone says “man…that was a really good freshman year from Hunter Dickinson” … What will that mean he accomplished?

  5. BlueFront

    What is your expectation for Chaundee Brown being granted a waiver? I know the NCAA is a black box, but we should be expecting an answer in the next two weeks, no?

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