2020-21 Season

Podcast: Big happenings at Michigan

Brendan and Dylan react to the big news in Ann Arbor over the last week. Chaundee Brown is eligible to play in 2020-21, where will he fit and what does he do to this team’s ceiling? Caleb Houstan committed to U-M on Friday and is the highest-ranked recruit of the Juwan Howard era.

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(3:42): Chaundee Brown is eligible
(25:50): Caleb Houstan commits to Michigan

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Notable Replies

  1. nswan

    Dig the Quinn tidbit at the end that he is hearing that Diabate is down to UK and Michigan

  2. Kevin6CD

    Yeah, a big piece of news in a very quiet recruitment. I’d be happy with Reid, but prefer Diabate if he’s a legitimate option, which, sounds like he is.

  3. goblue8

    I remember this spring I listened to a podcast where diabate said Michigan was one of the 3-4 schools recruiting him the hardest(uk was not listed but they hadn’t offered yet). Have to imagine the pro route may be the number 1 option though.

  4. BP3

    The big worry with Diabate is that he also is considering pro options. If he were to choose Michigan and it costs them Reid then that would hurt.

  5. kturnup

    Reid is an interesting one for me. Nothing screams NBA about the guy but I think there’s an article out there that he’s potentially exploring those options as well, and likely thinks of himself as 1 or 2 and done (as do MANY prospects so I’m not faulting him for that). I’d certainly take him, but I could see a transfer having a similar impact to him if he’s only around 2 years. So what I’m saying is I would be ok with risking no C in this class if it means potentially getting Diabete.

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