2020-21 Season

Podcast: The season is here

The season is finally here. Michigan will tip against Bowling Green and Michigan State will face Eastern Michigan on Wednesday. Brendan and Dylan discuss where things stand for each program and what they will be watching for on Wednesday.

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(11:37) Michigan
(37:34) Michigan State

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Notable Replies

  1. AC1997

    Man is Brenden all in on Hauser. Not only does he have him first team all conference, he has him leading MSU in ASSISTS and throwing around numbers like 15/8/5. Who was the last B10 player to do that?

    Last year Simpson was 13/5/8 so that’s close? Carr was 15/5/6 I guess. Ethan Happ two years ago, when he was the entire Wisconsin offense, was 17/10/4.5. Miles Bridges three years ago was 17/7/3.

    Oooookay Brenden. We’ll see. I have a hard time believing that a guy who hasn’t averaged double figures before is going to join a team with Watts, Langford, and Henry but find a way to exceed Miles Bridges stats and rival Ethan Happ’s stats.

  2. kturnup

    No way Hauser gets 5 APG. Too many other guys on that team that will have chances to make stuff happen.

  3. buckets12

    Cassius effing Winston averaged 5.9 assists per game last year. The implication that a first year Izzo power forward is going to come anywhere close to that is absurdity.

  4. AC1997

    Great example. SENIOR version of Draymond Green was 16/10/4 as another context. Unless MSU starts to get out and run to generate more possessions, I just think those numbers are silly.

    There’s a path for Hauser being All-Big10 for sure…but I don’t think it is becoming the next Draymond or Happ. I think it is MSU winning the league and Hauser having an Iggy-like first impression on the league where he’s the beneficiary of Watts becoming a good PG. If Hauser has the best counting stats among the MSU stars and the media needs someone to represent them on the first team, that’s how he gets there. But in that scenario he’s receiving the passes from everyone else…not making them.

  5. ReegsShannon

    I think BQ’s brain just broke for a second and he forgot what assist numbers look like in college.

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