2020-21 Season

Podcast: 2020-21 is underway and we’ve got takes

The season opener is in the books. Brendan and Dylan discuss Michigan’s newcomers, what went well against Bowling Green and where U-M still needs to improve. Then they dive into Michigan State’s win over Eastern Michigan and what to expect when Michigan State and Notre Dame face off on Saturday.

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(11:37) Michigan
(37:34) Michigan State

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Notable Replies

  1. DeAngeloVickers

    Crazy that we’ve had 3 pods since Michigan got a 5 star commit out of nowhere, and it hasn’t been discussed

  2. umhoops

    We had just done a huge recruiting pod the week before and then Brendan was out of town covering the Masters and then the season was here.

    Good news is we published like 3-4 stories about Moussa here. :wink:

  3. chezaroo

    Really enjoyed that pod! Dylan you seem energized and excited for the season. Lot of interesting takes throughout.

  4. JBmoney

    Question I got based off the pod…any chance Michigan could exceed expectations (better than top 4 in B1G, sweet 16 or better) by basically being a poor man’s Iowa? Meaning high-level offense/below average defense. I could see that being an outcome but just wondering what level of success that would be…

  5. umhoops

    At this point, that feels kind of like the trajectory of the team but I think we still need to see more.

    The last Michigan team in that mold was probably the 2017 team.

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