2020-21 Season

Podcast: A Michigan State-Duke autopsy, plus early season numbers from Michigan

Brendan and Dylan break down Michigan State’s big win at Duke and hit on some key takeaways including Aaron Henry’s growth as a playmaker, a potentially elite defense and how the center rotation could shake out after Julius Marble’s big night. Then they dive into Michigan’s 3-0 start and try to figure out what to make of things as they stand now. The conversation hits on the starting center spot, lineup combinations, Franz Wagner’s slow start and what to watch for in a tough(er) test against UCF.

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(2:55) Michigan State wins at Duke
(33:60) What to make of Michigan

Notable Replies

  1. Mattski

    The way Brendan barely stifles a yawn when the convo turns to Michigan. . .

    I think Juwan has had to play the cards he was dealt, esp. with no clear road to buckets. ID’ing three solid routes, hopefully, pays off down the road here. I don’t see world-beating players but just good role-players beyond Isaiah, Franz, and Dickinson, so–yeah–how each holds up when there are muscular defenses in front of them is going to define the year.

  2. umhoops

    Are you saying Brendan is somehow against Michigan?

  3. CursedBlue

    He’s notoriously anti-Michigan. It comes from his Pennsylvania upbringing.

    (/s, if it wasn’t apparent)

    A high profile MSU-Duke top 10 game is a much more exciting discussion for a neutral person than “Michigan takes on the MAC,” so even if he was bored (I doubt it, people tend to yawn) I certainly don’t blame him.

  4. Lobstrycz2

    Brad Calapari time.

  5. Mattski

    No, it’s just a loud yawn. I think that he could be BORED with Michigan in comparison to MSU, though. . . the loud yawn just evoked chuckles from my wife and I as we idled around our late bfast listening.

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